Our Solutions

Lender at Lender Realty Network a Real Estate Concierge Service for Buyers and Sellers in Kansas City Missouri

The premiere real estate agent.  We've carefully vetted our realtor database over the last 12 years in this industry.  We know how important it is for you to find a quality agent that cares about your borrower and also cares about keeping you as the lender.  Our #1 priority throughout the purchase transaction process is loyalty, plain and simple.  Our team makes it very clear who the referring lender is, and how critical it is that the referring lender remains.  We follow up on this throughout the process and keep track of every referral experience, resulting in constant realtor database maintenance.   


Integration with your Lead Management Software.  We seamlessly integrate with your LMS making it easy for your loan officers to refer pre-approved borrowers to us.  


Our team of Transaction Coordinators.  We know that timing is everything.  Our team of transaction coordinators receives your borrower information and immediately goes to work.  Within minutes, we select one of our local, premier realtors and start the referral process.   


Communication and follow up.  Our team provides transparent communication between the realtor, lender and home-buyer along each step of the journey.  We work with each of our lender partners to customize a communication plan that meets their needs and expectations.  Contact us now to start customizing a plan that works for you!